As the rainy season approaches, concerns mount over areas plagued by uncollected solid waste, prompting the Waste Management Association to call for a critical reevaluation of garbage collection fees.

The aim is to empower Community-Based Enterprises to address this growing issue effectively.

In an exclusive interview with Platinum Media, Haroon Witi, President of WMAZ, pointed out a significant issue plaguing the country: a considerable amount of uncollected garbage remains unpaid for. Mr. Witi is urging citizens to embrace a culture of paying for this essential service if they wish to witness cleaner and waste-free communities.

Mr. Witi stressed the importance of timely and proper payments to the designated offices. This enables service providers to make adequate preparations. He also emphasized that the indiscriminate dumping of waste is detrimental to the country’s efforts in preventing disease outbreaks, including Cholera.

“There is always a procedure, they have to go to the companies of these offices and get the challenges. We can only resolve issues when we know the cause of these issues. You cannot find waste lying idle if it has been paid for. We have situations where people are spending months without paying. “ he said.

And Mr Witi said despite the Garbage Collection being a potential money spinner, it has been faced with numerous changes.

He said key among the challenges is the lack of revision to the fees charged for Garbage Collection.

“You will find that the prices of commodities have gone up, fuel has gone up, price for spare parts have increased , so how are the Service providers going to effectively work?” he explained.

Platinum News OCTOBER 31, 2023

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