The United Party for National Development- UPND has accused Former President Edgar Chagwa Lungu of using the Church to make a political comeback.

Speaking on the hot seat radio programme, UPND Spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa said while Mr Lungu is at liberty to use the Church, the former President must come out and announce his comeback to politics.

Mr Mweetwa said this will enable the law to take its course in terms of how he should be treated as a former Head of State who is still active in Politics.

He said the UPND is not scared of Mr Lungu’s return because he was already defeated through the ballot when he had the instruments of power.

“He should not hide in the Church to do a self political land pad for. We are aware of the manoeuvres that are happening in the PF. They had to freeze their convention because if somebody else who it was going to be difficult to field that person as candidate when their preferred candidate is ECL,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr Mweetwa said the former President does not need to notify anyone of his movements contrary to what transpired in Ndola where he was blocked from attending an interdenominational Church gathering.

“If Lungu wants to visit a Church, why should we be reminded of Police behaviour as though we are still under the PF where HH needed to notify the police. There is no law which requires ECL to notify the anyone where he wants to go let alone the police. Serve for a single fact that he is not an ordinary person. He is free to go anywhere,” he stated

Meanwhile, Mr Mweetwa has defended President Hakainde Hichilema’s use of the word ‘Imingalato’ in reference to change in tricks.

He said the statement was not targeted at PF Members but PF Thugs.

“The President said if PF thugs begin to regroup, they were involved in violence and violation of the law. Twalachinja imingalato before you know it twapitila uku twakwikata pamukoshi (if the PF thugs regroup and start doing their lawlessness, we will change the tricks so that when they pass the other side, we will counter and hold them by their necks)
It is an issue of thugs not the membership of the Patriotic Front. He has done what many have failed to do for a long time. He has left the opposition intact without luring anyone to cause by election.

I am happy that the PF has remained intact in terms of their numbers in members of Parliament. This is a democracy we need,” Mr Mweetwa said.

Platinum Media, September 14, 2023

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