Government is concerned with the high rates of deforestation in Rufunsa District.

This came to light when centre for Environmental Justice-CEJ launched a project dubbed “Strengthening Civil Society Voices for Climate Advocacy in Zambia” in the district.

Rufunsa is one of the five districts the project is being implemented in.

It is funded by United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF) covering four other districts namely Lusaka, Chirundu, Luangwa and Chongwe.

District Commissioner Richard Mabena said Government in Rufunsa will offer full support to the project.

And Rufunsa Council Chairperson Kennedy Mailoni said Government is committed to environmental protection as can be seen from the creation of the Ministry of Green Economy and Environment.

Mr. Mailoni said the CEJ project is in line with Government’s vision to address Climate Change which has affected Rufunsa.

Meanwhile, Centre for Environment Justice – CEJ Executive Director Maggie Mapalo Mwape said the transformative initiative aims to empower Civil Society Organizations in Zambia to play a pivotal role in advocating for climate action and environmental sustainability.

Ms Mwape said CEJ will continue engaging with the local authorities and stakeholders.

“Now that the project has been launched in Luangwa and Rufunsa, we shall proceed to launch the project in Chongwe, Chirundu and Lusaka respectively. I am accompanied by Acting Head of Programmes Mr. Haggai Nyambe and Head of Logistics Mr. Patrick Kashanga to ensure a smooth Programme,” she said.

Platinum Media, August 24, 2023

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