Media Network Action on Climate Change (MENACC) has issued a plea to the government, calling for heightened measures to safeguard Zambia’s rivers.
Kennedy Phiri, Executive Director of MENACC, emphasized that rivers across the nation are facing excessive exploitation in various areas.

This plea coincides with the observance of World Rivers Day, celebrated under the theme “Waterways in our communities.”

stressed the importance of regulating unsustainable human activities along rivers. This proactive approach is necessary to secure the future sustainability of these crucial water bodies, which are also vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.

Among the rivers facing these challenges are Luangwa, Zambezi, Chalimbana, Chongwe, Magoye, Solwezi, Kafue, and Kafubu.

He said the status of Zambia being ranked as one of the most water rich countries on the African continent is threatened by both climate change and human activities.

“Therefore Government must protect the country’s rivers by promoting sustainable use of these rivers if they are to continue to support economic activities such as hydropower generation, fishing, tourism, agriculture, support life, human and national development and biodiversity.

We further call on government to increase awareness and sensitization activities across the country on the World Rivers Day especially among communities that live along major rivers so that protection of these water bodies begins with communities if we are to achieve sustainable management and use of the country’s rivers and other water bodies for present and future posterity,” he said.
Platinum Media,September 24,2023

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