Lusaka City Council highlights the need for residents to go beyond seasonal crop cultivation and embrace tree planting during the rainy season.

This initiative aims to address pressing environmental concerns, as it has been observed that most residents focus predominantly on seasonal crops. Trees play a vital role in mitigating the impacts of climate change, a factor that can affect crop growth and worsen climate-related issues.

In a Statement issued by the local authority Public Relations Manager Chola Mwamba ,residents have also been urged to ensure that they utilize the 2023,2024 rainy season to plant a tree in Accordance to section 16 (2) of the Local Government Act No. 2 of 2019 clause No. 6 of public amenities that mandates Local Authorities countrywide to enforce and control the planting of trees, shrubs and flowers to enhance the environment.

Lusaka City Council is leading the charge in promoting environmental protection, and they’re calling on civic leaders and stakeholders to be front-runners in educating communities about the paramount importance of prioritizing environmental preservation

“The Local Authority has observed that residents only concentrate on planting crops and not trees during the rainy season without realising that trees are the crucial line of defence against climate change that has the potential to affect the growth of their crops and cause floods. The Local Authority needs active participation of residents in fighting the effects of climate change which causes floods and excessive heat by ensuring that they take part in eco-friendly activities such as planting trees”,the statement reads.

Platinum Media, October 31,2023

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