….as Zambia is selected as host destination for global alliance inaugural conference.

Minister of Green Economy and Environment Collins Nzovu says there is urgent need for effective mitigation and adaptation measures to make climate change one of the most important existential issues not only for Zambia but also the world at large.

Mr Nzovu said land restoration is key for climate change mitigation and adaptation.

The Minister said this in a speech read for him by Ministry of Green Economy and Environment Permanent Secretary Douty Chibamba.

This was during the launch of the During the Global EverGreening Alliance Conference Media launch whose Conference will be hosted in Zambia next year march.

Mr Nzovu said the Ministry is spearheading the Tourism Development Project (TDP) which aims to enhance nature based economic opportunities in emerging tourism destinations in Zambia.

“ allow me to express our gratitude to the Global EverGreening Allaince for selecting Zambia as a host destination for their inaugural conference scheduled for March 2024 in Livingstone. The conference is built on the conversation of massive-scale environmental restoration and sustainable agricultural intensification projects,” he said.

He said environmental, social and economic goals can only be met when the country has healthy land resources.

Mr Nzovu called upon all stakeholders in land restoration, climate change and environmental protection to take keen interest in the event as the main goal of the conference is to showcase the collective knowledge and capacity of land restoration and environmental protection among the stakeholders brought together by the Global EverGreening Alliance.

And Tourism Minister Rodney Sikumba said, the event is expected to attract approximately 1,500 delegates over its week long deliberations.

“We are here to ceremoniously hand over this event to the Ministry of Green Economy and Environment who will be moving forward be the Lead Laison Ministry in the hosting of the said event,” said Hon. Sikumba.

Meanwhile, Global EverGreening Alliance CEO Mr. Chris Armitage said the Alliance brings together many of the world’s most capable NGOs and technical organisations to collectively implement massive scale land restoration programmes.

This is contained in a statement issued by the Ministry of Green Economy and Environment Communications Unit.

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